Our history and experience in providing custom steel fabricating solutions gives our clients the confidence they need to tackle the most complicated projects. While we at Advanced Steel Fabrications specialize in custom applications, we also provide a full array of services to support your business.


Bearing Rehabilitation & Replacement

A bridge bearing provides a resting surface between bridge piers and a bridge deck, allowing for controlled movement of the deck, reducing overall stress. Over time these assemblies wear down, and Advanced Steel is fully equipped to repair and replace these components.

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Custom Fabrication

Advanced Steel Fabrication specializes in Custom Steel Fabrication. From gazebo's and equipment repair to overpasses and swing bridges, we are confident that we can deliver on your most complicated steel needs.

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Bridge Jacking & Heavy Lifting

Also known as structural lifting, bridge jacking is often necessary when repairing or replacing structural members; a commonplace activity in bridge rehabilitation.

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Welding – Field & Shop

Whether in the shop, or out in the field, our team can provide any welding service you require including traditional welds, and stud welding applications.

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Structural Steel Fabrication, Repair, & Erection

Coming in the form of Rebar, girders, and everything in between, structural steel provides the skeleton for many construction projects. Advanced Steel Fabrication can help with the supply, fabrication, repair, and installation of such systems.

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Post Tensioning (Bar Systems)

A technique for reinforcing concrete, post tensioning systems place steel cables within concrete forms prior to concrete placement. These cables are tensioned and anchored to the concrete after the concrete has cured.

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